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Essae Photography aims to provide Excellent Service, Quality Product and a Total Professional Wedding Photography Experience for every bridal couple. From first contact and inquiry about the wedding photography of your special day, to the capture, design, completion and prompt delivery of your selected Wedding Photography Package and its Products, Essae Photography is dedicated to the capture of beautiful, creative, professional imagery, and achieving genuine client satisfaction. When choosing Essae Photography you are confirming that you are happy with Essae Photography’s capture style, and that you wish for your wedding to be photographed in “like” manner. If you would prefer a totally different style of capture it is recommended that you seek another photographer who shoots your style preference. Essae Photography will consider suggestions and custom requests that a client may have an incorporate these if appropriate to Essae’s style. Package selection, time frames selected and the actual events which occur on the day however, will determine exactly what is photographed and to what extent it is photographed, over the course of the day/evening. Essae Photography is not responsible for maintaining projected times frames due to variables and influences which exist outside their control.


At the time of initial inquiry, prospective Essae Photography clients are supplied with a current Pricing / Options Brochure Pamphlet. Note: Essae Photography regularly changes Packages and Options so it is important to understand that each brochure has a shelf life to enable Essae Photography to constantly grow and develop with both photography and Essae Photography’s changing trends, as well as new and popular client requests.


At the time of Confirmed Booking clients are asked to select their preferred Wedding Photography Package. If clients are undecided at this point they don’t have to select any particular package, but if they are happy to select a package, this is locked in and noted in the client’s initial paperwork. Booking a Wedding Photography Package at the time of Confirmed Booking has two distinct advantages:

1. It means that if there is a price rise for that package, the client is charged for the package they have selected at the original price it was offered.

2. And if there is a package details change or new packages become available or options change, the client is permitted to have the former package if they prefer it over the any of the new options offered.

There is one disadvantage if you choose not to book a package at the time of Confirmed Booking (for example if you can’t make up your mind):

1. If a package you liked was on offer at the time of Confirming your Booking and you didn’t book it, and it becomes unavailable, a month from your wedding date when your outstanding Wedding Photography Package Payment is due and your selection has to be confirmed, you will be obliged to select and pay for one of the current / options offered instead.


It is accepted by Essae Photography when a client booking our services/products selects our business they are booking based on the style and skill range of Essae Photography. It is also accepted that the client has viewed the website portfolio and is aware of the style used by Essae Photography and that the client prefers this style.

If the bridal couple are not happy with our images or do not like the website portfolio they are urged them not to book with Essae Photography as a similar style and pattern occurs with each wedding captured.


Essae Photography showcases certain capture styles, however, you will be asked, at your Pre-visit /Contact Meeting prior to your wedding, if you have a preference for any/or any combination of the following:

1. Traditional posed captures

2. Candid captures

3. Posed but Informal Captures/Appearing Candid

4. Theatrical captures

5. Studio/Model styles captures

6. Vintage / Boho or Indi Style


All of Essae Photography package options are set around strict guidelines and have certain specific inclusions. These are listed in the brochures. You are permitted however, to request deviations from these guidelines and the best time to discuss your specific requirements or ideas and calculate their cost are at the time of Booking and again immediately prior to your Wedding at your Pre-Visit / Contact Meeting where a Time Specific Shoot Plan is drawn up. Inclusions are specified for all Packages: For Example – 8 hours of Photography – this is a clock based rate. Eight hours is eight hours of time and includes all photography time, travelling between venues and shoot locations once the shoot has begun, breaks where the camera is not being utilized including time lost in setting up shots, delays by the bridal party in moving about and delays due to general and / or unforeseen circumstances. You are permitted to choose when your day starts and ends, however, an extremely early start or late finish may incur a higher travel/ accommodation rate due to the necessity to stay an/or / extra / night/s. Additional hours may be purchased and will be charged for, eg early morning hair and makeup photography and / or a thorough shoot of your reception including speeches, dancing and the bridal couple departing – Additional Hours are charged @ $170 pr / hr.


Essae Photography is often happy to work long or unusual hours, in remote or unusual locations, interstate or overseas, however clients must check at the time of Confirmed Booking if restrictions and penalties apply, and if we will commit to taking on your brief. Contact us with your ideas.

Note: The maximum number of hours Essae Photography will commit to work in any one day is 12 hours with including breaks.

Note: You may change your preferred Wedding Photography Package after Confirming a Booking, but clients can only select packages Equivalent in Value or Upgrade from their current selection.


If you are having your images reproduced on USB or displayed in a proof book you can expect up to 100 images per hour for your wedding photography, less any travel time, or breaks of any kind.

All images come with basic touch up. This includes colour and exposure correction and spot removal. If you are have purchased additional “effects” you can expect a range of ”effects” or simply one style of matching “effects” throughout your collection. The effects are applied with your style choice in mind. If you have decided not to recommend a style the effects will be chosen by Essae Photography and will be selected using our professional discretion. These may or may not be supplied in both the “effects” style and normal style, or just the “effects” style. EG. Some photos may be supplied in colour as well as black and white or an “effect” like 1950’s flair. Or you may simply receive the one photo reproduced as normal or the one photo reproduced with an added “effect”.


Professional Proof Album Art Books are a hardcover A4 Coffee Table Art Book of all your day’s captures. Our A4 Parent Album Art Books are a selection of images chosen by the couple or / by Essae Photography that are artistically placed  in a Coffee Table Presentation of Essae’s design. Likewise, the A3 Grand Album Photo Art Books are designed from the couple’s selection of their favourite photographs from their wedding day or/by Essae Photography to be both aesthetically pleasing and a stunning example of our wonderful creativity and beautiful imagery. Art Books are designed with client preferences, client image selections, and all information to appear to be supplied prior to design. Changes can be made to all art Books once designed but even the smallest change may take up to eight hours so all changes made by clients after initial design will incur a penalty at $120 pr/hr.

Note: No changes can be made to Professional Proof Album Art Books, Parent’s Album Art Books and Grand Album Art Books once they have been sent to print.


Prior to all weddings Essae Photography will attempt to pre-visit the proposed venue to view the ceremony, reception and proposed shoot locations. In some instances however, this may not be possible either until the day before, or in rare cases not at all prior to the ceremony. Pre-visits allow better planning of the day regarding time frames and best pre and post-ceremony shoot location scenarios, preparation of equipment and perhaps, wet weather planning.  It also acknowledges seasonal variations. Essae Photography will either conduct an hour long interview at the Pre-visit OR a month to a week prior to the wedding either in person or by phone, or via email. Essae Photography will record what the wedding details are and create a time sheet. You will be asked questions relative to the day, locations and time needed to travel, appointment times, and your special requirements for the shoot.


The client accepts that Essae Photography is to be entrusted with the responsibility of the Photography and nothing else.

Essae Photography will begin shooting any time from early morning to early afternoon, and as directed by the client. We do not shoot between the hours of 1am-8am. The maximum shooting time for one wedding is 12 hours. A twelve hour period of time must include a meal at the reception (if reception photography is required) and various break times though out the period (during non-critical times).

Essae Photography is not responsible for any lack of photographs taken during times where time is running short due to other aspects or people of the wedding running behind time.

Essae Photography’s responsibility is to warmly encourage guests or members of the bridal party to participate in the photography, if necessary. If guests or members of the bridal party refuse, Essae Photography is not obliged to persist in asking these persons to participate. Essae Photography accepts no responsibility for lack of images of these persons.

Essae Photography is not responsible for guests or other Photographers/Cinematographers knowingly or unknowingly stepping in front of the camera view during critical times throughout the day.

Essae Photography happily accepts guests taking photos throughout the day at the dressing, ceremony and reception venue shoots. Essae Photography does not allow any guests to accompany the bridal party on the photo shoot for the sole purpose of taking additional photos either for the bride and groom or for themselves or for their own business promotion. This may be a breach of copyright depending upon the situation.

On the wedding day the couple must trust Essae Photography’s discretion and previous experience for the way the Photography is conducted and executed. It is accepted on booking the couple are happy with Essae Photography’s work and would like to see similar previous styles carried out.


Essae Photography is happy to go to most locations (within reason) for couples. We endeavour to shoot every location in a way which showcases the best of the location and the couple/bridal party.

The couple must accept that if the locations are chosen by themselves without previously seeking Essae Photography’s professional opinion the location may not be aesthetically pleasing in the image collection. We are happy to offer our suggestions for locations to the couple.

Enough time for the location shoot must be allowed. Note: We highly recommend 2 hours minimum for the bridal (couple) post-ceremony shoot. Essae Photography will shoot with any time allowance given by the couple and will endeavour to complete the shoot with the highest quality of work and most amount of images as possible but it must be noted by the couple: The shorter the time and the more locations the fewer in number the images will be. If the couple have been advised that their time allocation for locations, travel and shoot time for the bridal shoot are insufficient Essae Photography will not be responsible for the lack of images.


Wedding weather is renowned to be unpredictable, a WEATHER LOTTERY, so as to speak. Therefore a week out from your day it is advised that couples check predictions on the internet. If the weather appears to be going to be wet, or extremely windy, sensibility needs to reign and plans to work with the weather expected are a must. PLEASE DON’T leave this to chance, and imagine that your wedding will be the one exception. Essae Photography has photographed a wedding on a day when four inches of rain fell, another when it rained ceaselessly all day, and yet another when three inches of rain the days prior made the ceremony site a quagmire. So plan to have a suitable alternative venue if it’s forecast to rain, or forecast to be extremely windy, and work out how you can make a last minute call without making it a particularly stressful last minute call.  Think about how to contact guests, how to shift decorations / seating, how  you and your entourage might work in extremely wet or windy conditions. Buy gumboots and umbrellas if you decide to continue with outdoor locations for your photo shoot, and have towels at the ready for mopping up when you get into your vehicles. Plastic mats for cars so the bridal party don’t muddy hire car or loan cars, and all the things that will make your day less pleasant if not planned out. Rethink your location shoot, as hair blowing across the face, ties flying sideways,  slippery mud and torrential rain can make the day difficult and there is a realistic limit to what should be expected of photoshop.


Alternatively if the weather forecast is for temperatures over 30 degrees prepare a plan that is considerate of both your guests, particularly older less able folk, children and babies.  Consider your entourage of helpers including drivers and other helpers, and your workers, from the celebrant / photographer and cinematographer, to the reception staff serving drinks, waiters and chefs. How will your wedding cake’s condition stand up in high temperature’s? and so on. Also consider how you will feel bedecked out in your beautiful gown, will you wilt like a flower or walk around with an endless supply of face washers at hand to tuck under your arm pits so sweat doesn’t stain the fabric?  And your fiancé in his suit or other attire, is he frustrated and threatening to turn the trousers into shorts?  Or, as occurred at one wedding recently, wearing sanitary pads under his shirt to mop up sweat. (By the way, this was very effective). It is not uncommon for people to start fainting at high temperatures so hydration stations, cooling, air circulation and shade are a necessity. Please DON’T EVER think the weather lottery is not a risk for you.

Essae was recently advised that nine people fainted at wedding in Bendigo last February that topped 43 degrees, including the cinematographer, which not only put his ability to continue shooting the event, but also his gear, at risk. And Essae personally has photographed a wedding in 43 degree heat where the celebrant, upon signing the marriage certificate, was driven off to the hospital in an ambulance due to heat stroke.  Another photographer, whose camera shut down for four hours and simply could not be used during the critical location photo shoot period following the ceremony was fortunate to have a back up camera which could be used and continued working. Please. Be Realistic.


Whilst Essae Photography takes more than one camera and uses several flashcards at each wedding to reduce risk of damage to cameras and image loss, and we prepare as best we can for the anomaly of a camera / equipment shutting down due to hot or cold temperatures, accident, fire, flood or other unforeseen conditions, for any theft of cameras, equipment or images, or damage caused by hot or cold temperatures, accident, fire, flood, loss of equipment, or the occurrence of any unforeseen event, Essae Photography WILL NOT under any circumstances be held liable for any image loss.


Your images will be colour worked within a month of your wedding. If you have selected a package with a Professional Proof Album Art Book, it will be designed and printed within two months of the wedding. If you have selected a package with a Large or Medium Premium Photo Album Art Book it will be designed and printed within three months of SUPPLYING YOUR PREFERRED IMAGE selections to Essae Photography. For Packages with Low Resolution Disc Options, discs will be supplied within two months of the wedding. Packages with High Resolution Disc Options will be supplied within two months of the wedding. Essae Photography will supply all package options, whether discs, USB’s, books and/or prints, within a maximum of five months providing the client indicates their preferred selections within the first two months after the wedding. Blog image uploads, unless you have indicated a preference not to have your images appear on the blog, will appear within four weeks of the wedding.


Our Low Resolution Viewing-Only DVD of images option allows the couple to view their photography only. You may not print from this DVD as the images are copyrighted and you have paid a minimal fee to obtain a Low Resolution View-Only DVD for CONVENIENCE of view. You may not copy this disc for family or friends, further copies of this disc may be obtained for a fee of $110 per DVD.


Our High Resolution USB option allows the couple to make copies of their photography and share them with their family. You may print as much from this disc as you wish and enlarge the images. You may copy the USB disc.

The images on our High Resolution Discs are saved on USB to a resolution of 300 dpi. It is illegal to sell the images for money or pass the images on to another business of any kind for them to use for their own personal, business or financial gain. Essae Photography must be contacted on any of these matters as the copyright of the images belongs to Essae Photography. Images must not be supplied to any publications without Essae Photography’s consent.


To ensure your images are archived indefinitely, select a package that offers a High Resolution USB option and archive them yourself. Essae Photography stores all work for several years but does not archive indefinitely and is unable to guarantee against theft, natural disaster, fire, flood or storm damage. Essae Photography can not guarantee that images will be archived.


Bendigo and Swan Hill Weddings up to 49 km – N/C / Travel between 50-149 km – $80. Travel in excess of 300km? Apply for a quote travel may be more affordable than you think..



Essae Photography reserves the right to refuse, without explanation, any booking. Work commitments, calendar bookings, time of year, other business, personal and private commitments, the logistics and

location of a proposed booking, as well as health and family, or personal reasons, may mean that even though Essae Photography has no other booking on that date, the right to refuse a booking from time to time exists and may be exercised.


In order to secure Essae Photography‘s wedding photography services you will first need to select your preferred wedding date. You then need to contact Essae Photography to discuss if Glenys is available on your preferred date. If Glenys is NOT available you can either elect to continue with your preferred date and look elsewhere for another Photographer OR perhaps ask Glenys for a referral for another Professional Quality Photographer, OR you can DISCUSS with Glenys what other dates she may be available that would fit in with your plans. This may be done in person, by phone or email. If you decide you want Glenys to shoot your special day then you will then either choose to make a Tentative Booking or you will make a Confirmed Booking with Essae Photography.


A tentative booking is made by the bridal couple on the basis they would like to secure Essae Photography with the full intention of paying a retainer within 1 week. The tentative booking is designed to secure the date for the couple in order to give them time to organize payment for their retainer and select a package if they have not already done so.

Tentative Bookings will be held by Essae Photography for UP TO seven days only. Couples usually make a Tentative booking with Essae Photography only if they require more time before securing a Confirmed Booking. Your Tentative Booking for your preferred date is NOT secure nor is it a Confirmed Booking; it merely guarantees you RIGHT OF FIRST PREFERENCE to a particular date without making a financial commitment with Essae Photography. Once one week has lapsed if a $500 retainer payment has not been made Essae Photography may offer the date to other prospective clients without contacting the couple first.

The following conditions apply to all Tentative Bookings.

1.All Tentative Bookings, regardless of other client inquiry, will expire after seven days, unless an agreement to extend this period has been struck between Essae Photography and the client before the end of the seven days Tentative Booking period

2.If a client with a Tentative Booking fails to contact Essae Photography after seven days, it will be assumed the client no longer requires Essae Photography to hold the Tentative Booking date

In the instance when another client wishes to make a Confirmed Booking with Essae Photography on the date you have tentatively booked:

1.You will be contacted as soon as possible and your Right of First Preference Option for the date will be triggered, however, in this instance, you will be required to make a Confirmed Booking within 24 hours of our contact if you wish to secure the date. Your Tentative Booking will then expire after 24 hours of our contact to inform you of other client interest, if this occurs you will no longer have Right of First Preference.

2.If contact with you is not able to be made, a phone message or email will be sent to you informing you that your date has been requested by another client wishing to book the date with a Confirmed Booking. In this instance that message will trigger your Right of First Preference Option to the date, and a Confirmed Booking will be required within 24 hours of that contact if you wish to secure the date. Your Tentative Booking will then expire after 24 hours of our leaving or sending a message contact to inform you of other client interest, if this occurs you will no longer have Right of First Preference.


To confirm a wedding photography booking with Essae Photography a $500 Non-Refundable Retainer payment by Cash, Cheque or Direct Bank Deposit is required within 24 hours, (or a period of time suggested by and agreed to by Essae Photography), of making your Confirmed Booking.

A Confirmed Booking guarantees all further requests for that date, whilst the booking REMAINS a Confirmed Booking, are refused. Essae Photography however, reserves the right to make any date available and to take other bookings, if a Confirmed Booking is CANCELLED. The balance of your package cost is due, in full, one month prior to the wedding date.


Essae Photography does not take deposits rather we take a Non-Refundable Retainer of $500 upon Confirming a Booking. The non-refundable Retainer forms part of your Essae Photography Wedding Package but is written as a separate item on your actual invoice as it is not refundable. The non-refundable Retainer is a booking fee for us securing and holding your preferred date for you, Once the non-refundable Retainer payment has been made your booking will then be confirmed and your proof of purchase will be sent to you via email or post (to be specified by the client). Your date will then be safe. Essae Photography does not take more than one booking per day.

Should you need to cancel your wedding photography booking for any reason your retainer payment will not be refunded under any circumstances.

The retainer’s sole purpose is to purchase the photographer’s availability for the date selected by the bridal couple. Even though no photography may have taken place as yet, the retainer is not a refundable payment.

FYI- The difference between a deposit and retainer – the retainer may not be refunded on cancellation where as a deposit may be.


Couples sometimes find they need to change their wedding dates, after Confirmed Booking. For Example: a ceremony or reception venue suffers unexpected weather damage and needs major repairs, or an important bridal party member may be injured in an accident and needs time to recover. Essae Photography is happy to change the Confirmed Booking date without penalty if Glenys Tomamichel is available on the new date selected to shoot the couple’s wedding photography. The non-refundable wedding retainer is not transferable to other services like portraiture or engagement shoots.


On occasion a Confirmed Booking with Essae Photography has to be cancelled and in this instance the couple will lose their Non-Refundable Retainer, no exceptions.

– Client Responsibility

When a client makes a Confirmed Booking with Essae Photography and has paid the $500 Non-Refundable Retainer, they are effectively PROMISING to pay their selected Wedding Photography Package’s outstanding amount at least one calendar month prior to their wedding date. So if Cancellation of a Confirmed Booking becomes necessary, cancellation must be made as SOON AS IS POSSIBLE as it then enables the following two things to happen:

1. Early cancellation notification allows Essae Photography to continue to operate using the system we currently use whereby clients are only required to make two payments to Essae Photography. The payment of the $500 Non-Refundable Retainer is paid at the time of Confirmed Booking, then later, only one calendar month prior to the wedding date, the outstanding amount of the client’s preferred Wedding Photography Package Payment is paid. This gives clients the greatest flexibility with their finances at what is usually and expensive phase of their lives and is a system most welcomed by the client. If too many Cancellations occur, the system would need to change to full payment upfront and a larger cancellation penalty would also be charged.

2. This system however, means that Essae Photography, places enormous trust in the client that their booking will not only continue and will ultimately be financially honoured, but that the couple will not, in the unusual case of cancellation of a Confirmed Booking, cause Essae Photography excessive financial loss in the form of an excessively LATE Cancellation. An excessively late cancellation virtually promises no other means from which to make our previous expected projected earnings if we had of been permitted to complete your booking. For if a client cancels, particularly within six months of the wedding date, we usually have little or no opportunity to refill that booking.

This is simply a case of fairness. Essae Photography considers the client’s convenience of not having to pay for the whole Wedding Photography Package upfront is well worth the simple courtesy of an earliest possible notification in the unusual case of Cancellation of a Confirmed Booking which entitles Essae Photography the right to try to gain another booking.


If full payment has been made a month prior to the wedding date, and cancellation occurs less than a month from the wedding date, Essae Photography reserves the right to not refund any monies paid, (your account total less retainer) for the two reasons listed above.


Although this has never previously occurred, in the unlikely event that Essae Photography needs to cancel a Confirmed Booking due to accident, injury, illness or unforeseen circumstances, one of the following two things will occur::

1. Essae Photography will contact and arrange for a professional photographer who photographs in “like” style will contracted to photograph the day and the booking with Essae Photography will continue as planned but with the replacement photographer. All package options and inclusions selected by the client, in this instance will remain the same.

2. In the event that Essae Photography is unable to secure the services of another Professional Photographer who photographs in “like” style, Essae Photography will contact you as soon as possible and all monies paid to Essae Photography by the client, will be refunded.


If you wish to pay your wedding off by instalment payments you may only do so via internet banking. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Essae Photography of any money transfers, instalment payments or final payments as they are made. Essae Photography is not obliged to send the client proof of payment records if they have not notified Essae Photography first or immediately after of any instalment payment is made. Any unrecorded payments will come off the total of your package as long as banking records show Essae Photography has received a payment or the client can produce a bank statement or official records showing payment has been made to Essae Photography.


The final payment for your selected package must be paid one month prior to the wedding date. If the client does not pay their final payment one month before the wedding date Essae Photography reserves the right not to attend, photograph and/or record the wedding. Essae Photography will notify the client via email or phone of the final payment date in the weeks leading up to the final due date.


Note: If you do not wish your images to be commercially reproduced please notify Essae Photography at the time of Confirmed Booking as Essae Photography, does on occasion, use images for promotion. If you do not it will be accepted that you are happy for Essae Photography to use one or all of these mediums. Copyright remains with Essae Photography, but licensed and unlimited reproduction forms a part of all Essae Photography’s High Resolution Disc Options. Images must not be resold or supplied to commercial business for financial profit or gain.


At the time of Confirmed Booking each couple will be advised to read this document, Essae Photography’s Information, Booking, Terms and Conditions document. If the couple decide to continue with payment of the Retainer and the Booking of Essae Photography’s services it is then determined that the couple understand and agree with Essae Photography’s Terms and Conditions herein.